KPTA After School Policy

We’re so excited you’d like to join us after school! Before we get started, we just wanted to go over a few policies and terms.

Cost is $150/ week - Monday - Friday

If you’re enrolling in cooking classes, the price is $170/week.

Payments must be received by the fifth day of the month. $15 late fee applies to any payments received after the fifth day of the month, no exceptions. 

Child must be picked up by 6pm. The fee for late pickup is $10 for every 10 minutes late. The first $10 is charged at 6:01pm.

Flat weekly rate does not include deductions for absences. This means, if you sign up for 5 days of afterschool and your child misses days, for what ever reason, the cost owed is still $150.

Different weekly rates are available if child is enrolling in less than 5 afternoons per week for the whole month. This means if you know your child is only available to participate in afterschool 4 days a week for the month, the rate will be reduced to reflect the days your child attends. This must be decided before the paid period begins. There will be no refunds for absences.


By clicking the button below, you are consenting to the terms of KPTA’s after school program.

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